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200 Watt Snow Wolf Is In Stock!!!

We’re happy to announce the arrival of the 200 Watt Snow Wolf box mod. My first impression of the Snow Wolf when I took it out of its box was, WOW, this thing is gorgeous, not only is it nice and sleek, but the buttons on this box feel amazing. Its stainless steel with glass plates on the front & back, very similar to our cell phones. You can feel the durability of this box just by the weight alone. Once installed with two 18650 batteries, this regulated box has the ability to go from 5 watts to 200 watts, as well as the option to use temperature control with Nickel wire builds.

The anticipation built up as I looked at this beauty, so I popped my RDA on top with a .2 ohm Kanthal build, needless to say the threads in the 5-10 connecter were very smooth and fit my RDA very nicely. I started to play with the controls which were very easy to navigate through, no menus to scroll through, everything stays on the screen at all times. To switch options, you just hold down the two scrolling buttons, which in my opinion is a lot easier to manipulate than some other temp control boxes. The Snow Wolf fires down as low as .05 ohms and as high as a 2.5 ohms and the temperature control ranges from 100-350 degrees Celsius/ 212-662 degrees Fahrenheit. As I was scrolling through the Wattage I noticed it goes up in increments of .1 until I reached 50 watts then .5 increments until I reached 100 watts which was nice to have as an option, so I wasn’t waiting five minutes to achieve higher wattages. After I reached 100 watts it goes up in increments of 1, also nice in my opinion, so I could really dial into where I wanted my wattage. I fired my .2 ohm build at 110 watts and let me tell you, this Snow Wolf really chucks vapor and the flavor was still impeccable. Great for those who love to Cloud Chase, but still seek that great flavor as well.

The Snow Wolf also has Low Voltage protection, Input High Voltage Warning, Reverse Battery Protection, Low Resistance Protection, Output Short-Circuit Protection, and Overheating Protection, which we all know are very important when it comes to safe Vaping. Come down to any three of our Smooth Vaporz locations and check the Snow Wolf out.

Tons of New Premium e-Liquids here at Smooth Vaporz!!

Over the past few weeks we’ve been hard at work trying to find new Premium liquids to satisfy everyone’s taste buds, we’re happy to introduce five Premium liquid lines to all three of our Smooth Vaporz locations as well as re-introduce the famous Castle Long Reserve back into our stock.

Cuttwood is the latest line we brought into our collection of juices. These flavors are out of this world. Mega melons is perfect for those gorgeous summer days with a combination of Mango, Cantaloupe and Papaya. Unicorn Milk is flying off of our shelves by the second, nothing beats this Strawberry blended with four different creams. Sugar Drizzle is the perfect combination of Cinnamon, Sugar and Sweet Cream. Last, but not least is the Boss Reserve, made for a boss, we all know breakfast is the most important meal to get your day going, this Honey Graham Cereal, Roasted Nut Clusters, Sliced Banana and Cream mixture is not only the perfect morning vape, but perfect for an all day vape too.

Along with Cuttwood we also brought in other great juices including, two awesome flavors from Beard Vape Co., Six flavors from Boilermaker, an awesome bowl of fruity cereal from ANML called Looper, as well as 4 Heavy VG mixtures from Mad Mikes great for those who drip or use subtanks, great flavor and plumes of clouds for those cloud chasers.

Can’t forget about the Castle Long Reserve from Five Pawns, this is the fourth edition of this classic e-juice. The amounts of flavor you get off of this juice is incredible. Steeped in Oak Barrels, this Toasted Coconut, Roasted Almonds, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, French Vanilla bean with caramelized Maple Brown Sugar and Kentucky Bourbon is sure to get you every time. Remember it is the Reserve Edition so it’s only here while supplies last!!


Attention All Connecticut Vapers!

The State of Connecticut has proposed a bill, HB06283, that will effectively KILL VAPING IN CT.

This bill will end vaping In CT by taking away all flavors of e-liquid, classifying e-cigarettes as “Tobacco Products” So They can Tax them the same as Cigarettes (WE ARE AS ANTI-TOBACCO AS CAN BE), and Crush an industry in CT that is giving people jobs and HELPING CT citizens get healthier.

Let them hear how the People that Vote for them FEEL! Attend the public hearing and email the legislators involved!

The hearing date for HB06283 is going to be Wednesday, March 11th at 10:30am. Please show up at 9:00am.
The address is:
Public Health Committee
Room 3000, Legislative Office Building
Hartford, CT 06106

We need as many vapers as we can to attend this hearing. It is very important that you let the public health committee know that if the bill passes you will surely go back to smoking which would be devastating to our health. We need to show them that there are thousands of CT residents that vape and that vote. You attending is key to whether this terrible bill passes or gets killed.

Please Email your representatives with your story on how vaping has helped your life. Here are the emails: (copy and paste the addresses into the “To:” field of your email),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Senator Terry Gerratana, Senator Joe Crisco, Senator Joe Markley, Rep. Al Adinolfi, Representative Andre Baker, Representative Matt Ritter, Representative Emmett Riley, Rep. Prasad Srinivasan, Representative David Alexander, Representative Eric Berthel, Representative Whit Betts, Representative Christie Carpino, Representative Michelle Cook, Representative Henry Genga, Senator Ted Kennedy, Jr., Senator Marilyn Moore, Representative Kevin Ryan, Representative Vincent Candelora, Representative Theresa Conroy, Representative Mike Demicco,
Senator Robert Kane, Representative Kathleen McCarty, Representative Jason Perillo, Representative Peggy Sayers, Representative Sean Scanlon, Representative Fred Wilms,Representative Peter Tercyak, Representative David Zoni.

3rd Location Open in Seymour, CT!

The Smooth Vaporz family is proud to announce our third location with the addition of store in Seymour, CT! The new Naugatuck Valley location in Seymour, CT opened on February 7th, and we had our official Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, February 28th.

Big thanks to all of our friends and customers who joined us on Saturday! Lots of people walked away with great prizes like premium liquids from Five Pawns and Cyclops Vaporz, KangerTech and Aspire equipment, custom apparel, and Smooth Vaporz gift certificates.

Our Seymour location carries all the top-quality equipment and accessories you need, including brands like KangerTech, Aspire and iTazte. We also carry starter kits for people who are just getting into vaping, and we have mods and RDAs for the more advanced vapers. At our tasting bar, you can try over 100 flavors of premium e-liquids great for tanks or drippers including Five Pawns, Cyclops Vapors, Sirius Vapors, and our signature Smooth Vaporz line. We also carry Hemp Honey, a premium hemp oil infused ^CBD liquid.

We are super excited to bring a premier vape shop to all the vapers in Seymour, CT. Our location is conveniently right near the entrance of Stop and Shop. Come see us!

Keep on vapin’ on!

Cyclops Vapors are Here!

Cyclops Vaporz premium e-liquid is now in stock and it is D-LISH-US! Flavors include a cranberry-citrus, an outstanding melon, an incredible vanilla custard, and a desserty berry-cobbler.
We have 4 flavors, all named after Greek Gods. They come in handsome glass 15ml bottle with glass medicine drippers. These produce nice thick vapor with a 65% VG content that’s great for tanks of drippers. Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6pm & 12mg nicotine levels.
Here’s a full description of all the flavors…
Eros: A exotic cocktail of cranberry & citrus, coupled with subtle fruit undertones that seduce the senses.
Poseidon: A complex fruit and melon medley that transforms from inhale to exhale, embodying the crispness of the sea.
Colossus: A rich, eggy, vanilla custard with subtle fruit undertones that custard fans rave about.
Artemis: A berry cobbler that blends the best of baked crust and sweet berry to pierce your taste buds like Artemis’ own arrow.

Sub-Ohm made simple by Aspire and KangerTech

There are lots of people out there that want clouds and flavor without any soecila skills or a big budget. There are also lots of people who build and drip but sometimes want a more convenient setup that gives the flavor and vapor they demand.
Aspire and KangerTech have come up with solutions, and are the new got-to-have equipment in the vape world.
Aspire has released the Atlantis sub-ohm tank along with a matching sub-ohm battery. This is a tank, but it performs like a dripper. The secret is in the .5 ohm (sub-ohm, because they’re less than one ohm) coils. You fill it like a tank, and change the coils like a tank, but get outstanding vapor production and taste. You do need a power source that can energize a sub-ohm coil like a mechanical mod, or the Aspire sub-ohm battery.
Not to be outdone, KangerTech has released the SubTank. This tank also has a .5 ohm coil, but you can alo use a 1.2 ohm coil. The big difference from the Aspire Atlantis is the SubTank comes with a rebuildable deck! So it’ a tank, sub-ohm tank, and rebuildable all on one. Pretty neat trick, huh? It also hold a ton of liquid…6ml in coild mode, 4ml in rebuildable mode.
These are both great products that perform incredibly with massive vapor production and superior flavor. Deciding which is right for you just comes down you to your personal needs and preferences.
We carry the Aspire Atlantis, the Aspire sub-0hm battery, and the KangerSubTank. Come down to one of our shops and we can help you choose what’s right for you. Don’t be left behind, get the latest and greatest equipment in the vape industry.


Five Pawns’ Latest Creation: Black Flag Fallen MMXV

The moment Five Pawns fans have been waiting for has arrived. Black Flag Fallen ultra-premium e-liquid is now in stock at our stores in 3mg & 12mg nicotine.
The flavor profile is a decaf double espresso infused with black truffle cream. But that really doesn’t do it justice. You have to try it to really understand it’s complex flavor.
Oh, and don’t forget, 5 bottles have a Willie Wonka-esque golden ring inside. If you get a bottle with a golden ring, you win a VI trip to Cali to visit the Five Pawns crew.
Stop in and get your bottle today.
Here’s what Five Pawns has to say about its new liquid…
This decadent, bold, yet multi-layered liquid is almost more reminiscent of an espresso based dessert than your traditional tiny cup of Italian coffee. The finest quality espresso beans allow for a multitude of subtle flavor notes.
This blend is produced in limited quantity and left to mature in our polished stainless steel barrels so there is zero light infiltration or ingredient degradation. The liquid is left untouched so that individual flavor components can fully develop and harmonize for an even smoother and more consistent result. When the liquid is extracted from the barrel it’s bottled with a single decaffeinated coffee bean.