Attention All Connecticut Vapers!

The State of Connecticut has proposed a bill, HB06283, that will effectively KILL VAPING IN CT.

This bill will end vaping In CT by taking away all flavors of e-liquid, classifying e-cigarettes as “Tobacco Products” So They can Tax them the same as Cigarettes (WE ARE AS ANTI-TOBACCO AS CAN BE), and Crush an industry in CT that is giving people jobs and HELPING CT citizens get healthier.

Let them hear how the People that Vote for them FEEL! Attend the public hearing and email the legislators involved!

The hearing date for HB06283 is going to be Wednesday, March 11th at 10:30am. Please show up at 9:00am.
The address is:
Public Health Committee
Room 3000, Legislative Office Building
Hartford, CT 06106

We need as many vapers as we can to attend this hearing. It is very important that you let the public health committee know that if the bill passes you will surely go back to smoking which would be devastating to our health. We need to show them that there are thousands of CT residents that vape and that vote. You attending is key to whether this terrible bill passes or gets killed.

Please Email your representatives with your story on how vaping has helped your life. Here are the emails: (copy and paste the addresses into the “To:” field of your email),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Senator Terry Gerratana, Senator Joe Crisco, Senator Joe Markley, Rep. Al Adinolfi, Representative Andre Baker, Representative Matt Ritter, Representative Emmett Riley, Rep. Prasad Srinivasan, Representative David Alexander, Representative Eric Berthel, Representative Whit Betts, Representative Christie Carpino, Representative Michelle Cook, Representative Henry Genga, Senator Ted Kennedy, Jr., Senator Marilyn Moore, Representative Kevin Ryan, Representative Vincent Candelora, Representative Theresa Conroy, Representative Mike Demicco,
Senator Robert Kane, Representative Kathleen McCarty, Representative Jason Perillo, Representative Peggy Sayers, Representative Sean Scanlon, Representative Fred Wilms,Representative Peter Tercyak, Representative David Zoni.

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