Tons of New Premium e-Liquids here at Smooth Vaporz!!

Over the past few weeks we’ve been hard at work trying to find new Premium liquids to satisfy everyone’s taste buds, we’re happy to introduce five Premium liquid lines to all three of our Smooth Vaporz locations as well as re-introduce the famous Castle Long Reserve back into our stock.

Cuttwood is the latest line we brought into our collection of juices. These flavors are out of this world. Mega melons is perfect for those gorgeous summer days with a combination of Mango, Cantaloupe and Papaya. Unicorn Milk is flying off of our shelves by the second, nothing beats this Strawberry blended with four different creams. Sugar Drizzle is the perfect combination of Cinnamon, Sugar and Sweet Cream. Last, but not least is the Boss Reserve, made for a boss, we all know breakfast is the most important meal to get your day going, this Honey Graham Cereal, Roasted Nut Clusters, Sliced Banana and Cream mixture is not only the perfect morning vape, but perfect for an all day vape too.

Along with Cuttwood we also brought in other great juices including, two awesome flavors from Beard Vape Co., Six flavors from Boilermaker, an awesome bowl of fruity cereal from ANML called Looper, as well as 4 Heavy VG mixtures from Mad Mikes great for those who drip or use subtanks, great flavor and plumes of clouds for those cloud chasers.

Can’t forget about the Castle Long Reserve from Five Pawns, this is the fourth edition of this classic e-juice. The amounts of flavor you get off of this juice is incredible. Steeped in Oak Barrels, this Toasted Coconut, Roasted Almonds, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, French Vanilla bean with caramelized Maple Brown Sugar and Kentucky Bourbon is sure to get you every time. Remember it is the Reserve Edition so it’s only here while supplies last!!

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