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We will be Open on Black Friday 9am to 9pm!!

As many of you have heard Smooth Vaporz now has a sister company called Mist Essentials, this is our National Brand. On November 1st we opened up our first Mist Essentials location on Wolcott Rd. in Waterbury, Ct. We have the same hours as our Smooth Vaporz locations, open 7 days a week, Monday through Friday 11am to 7pm, as well as Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm. Same great products, same prices as well as the same knowledgeable staff to help you along the way, whether your looking to quit smoking cigarettes, or looking for more advanced set-ups. We are having our Grand Opening on November 21st, so make sure to stop in and check us out. We will be having Free Raffles and giveaways, Storewide Sales, Free food and Beverages as well as Live Radio Broadcasting from 104.1 from 2pm-4pm.

We will also be open on Black Friday with extended hours from 9am to 9pm, at all four of our locations. There will be awesome deals going on in each and every store, whether your looking for something for yourself or as a gift

for someone else, we will be here to cater to your needs. Shop and Save with Smooth Vaporz and Mist Essentials on Black Friday.

We brought a bunch of new products into our stores as well. We picked up the Sigelei 75 watt Temp control mod, the Evic VT mini, the Triton v2, and the Uwell Crown Tank. We also picked up 3 flavors from the Ronin Line. Bonzai is Strawberries, Peacherine, Tropical undertones with a cool menthol and mountain mint. Dojo is one of your favorite childhood cereals with mini marshmallows and sweet milk. Lastly, Emperor’s crunch is a blend of cereal milk, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. This line is a 30/70 pg/vg blend with Nicotine levels available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Stop in to check our these products as well as try these awesome new flavors at any four of our locations, Seymour, Waterbury and Torrington.

Limitless Mods Stocked at Smooth Vaporz!!

We’re excited to introduce a New Line onto our shelves as well as a New very interesting Mechanical Mod. We just brought Red Lidz to our shelves, we are the only ones in Connecticut to carry this line. It a heavy VG being a 30/70 blend. We have 6 different flavors, ranging from fruity to dessert flavors, and an all time favorite of many custard lovers, a vanilla custard with graham cracker that everyone is going crazy over. This line is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg for nicotine strengths.

We also introduced the Brass Limitless Mod, this Mod is one of the nicest I’ve seen so far, you have the capabilities of changing the sleeves on it to suit your style, which we also carry. The button on this Mod is one of the nicest I’ve seen my entire time vaping. It also sits nice and flush so you don’t have to worry about any lock rings or firing when placing it down. It is a Hybrid mod, so those of you who aren’t sure what a hybrid is, it means there is direct contact from your RDA to your battery making a beautiful connection and a powerful puff. It also means you want to make sure that you don’t use any tanks on it and if you’re using an RDA you want to make sure your positive and negative on the bottom DO NOT sit flush. If they do, it can potentially short out your device. You always want to use proper battery safety with all devices, but this one especially. For the sleeves we have quite a selection for everyone, from colored bandana sleeves, to carbon fiber sleeves.

If you haven’t already stopped by one of our shops, now is the time. We always have awesome sales and great products sure to suit anyone’s needs and wants, as well as a fully knowledgeable staff that will help you along the way. Stop down to any of our three locations in Connecticut, we’re located in Seymour, Waterbury, and Torrington.


Esquare in stock at Smooth Vaporz!!

If you haven’t already heard about Smooth Vaporz, now is your chance to check out one of the Best Vape shops in CT, visit any of our three locations in; Seymour, Waterbury, and Torrington. We just added a bunch of inventory to our already large selection of products and liquids.

The Esquare is one of the hottest items on the market right now, this small and compact device holds a EVOLV DNA 40 chip. Fully equipped with Temperature control features and goes up to 40 watts. Its a nice sleek device with carbon fiber front and back plates, and a smooth 510 connection, dual 18650 batteries that run in parallel, so the battery life on this mod is outstanding. It also has a micro USB port for easy pass-through charging, making life that much easier.

We also brought in the SMOK TFV4 sub ohm tanks, these things are going fast. Its got an easy to fill top fill, so no more getting messy with unscrewing the bottom of the tank to refill your tank. We have the Tri-coils, Quad-coils and the nickel coils available for this bad boy. The Tri-coil reads out to be .2 ohms and the Quad is a .15 ohm coil. It also has a ton of airflow, I’m talking bottom airflow but also airflow in the drip-tip. I’ve never come across a tank that hits like an RDA until I bought one of these for myself. Amazing flavor and huge clouds, especially coming from a tank.

Now onto the New and great tasting liquids we’ve brought in, everyone kept asking about the No. 64, Hibiscus and Cotton Candy liquid, from Beard Vape Co. so we’re happy to introduce this awesome liquid to our shelves, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, this liquid is sure to win your hearts. We also brought in a new liquid line called Red Lidz, we have two of their flavors and will be introducing more in the near future. Anarchy is a nice berry blend with a pineapple finish and 13th floor is a tropical fruit punch. Cant forget about all the other amazing liquids we keep in stock down here at Smooth Vaporz, make sure you come down to try out all of these flavors and check out our selection of different devices. We have something for everyone’s needs, whether your just looking to get into vaping or if your already an experienced vaper looking for upgrades, our staff is knowledgeable and always more than willing to help you out or guide you in the right direction, stop down and check us out.

Make sure to also like and check out our Facebook for new updates and also to enter into different Raffles and win awesome Prizes/giveaways.

Authentic Vapor Flask here at Smooth Vaporz!!!

Come down and check out one of the BEST Vape Shops in Connecticut, Smooth Vaporz, with three locations in; Waterbury, Seymour and Torrington. We’re always introducing New e-Liquid lines, New products to our shelves, and Sales going on weekly.

We recently brought in the Vapor Flask from Vapor Shark. This device runs off of the EVOLV DNA 40 chip, if you don’t already know about this chip, this is the Cadillac of electronic chips in the vaping/e-cigarette industry, it runs from

1-40 watts and also has Temperature Control features. With Kanthal Wire you can build down to 0.16 ohms and with Temperature Sensing Wire you can go as low as 0.10 ohms, being one of the most accurate chips on the market. The design of this mod fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, with the fire button placed perfectly for your index finger. Not to mention it was not only designed in the United States, but also manufactured right here as well. The Vapor Flask is a solid 6061 Aluminum body that takes 2 external 18650 batteries. The feature that I loved about this mod besides its nice sleek look, was the micro USB charging that works flawlessly using Zip Charging to decrease your charging time by 350%. Another nice feature on this mod, was the LCD screen right on the top of the mod,

readily available and easy to check or change settings. These Mods are flying off of our shelves, so come down to any three of our locations and grab one while they’re here!!

Remember, we are also still doing a Flavor Line of the week, and constantly doing some price drops on products in the store. So come check out our sales as well. Happy Vaping =)

Classified e-Liquids to hit Smooth Vaporz Stores!!

The Team here at Smooth Vaporz, like to pride ourselves not only on our knowledge in the Vaping Industry, but also in being one of the Best Vape Shops in the State of Connecticut. We like to keep a variety of the Best e-Liquids to satisfied everyone’s taste buds, and some of the Best Top Quality products for your vaping needs, whether your looking to quit smoking or blow clouds, we’ve got it all.

We’d like to introduce a New Line we brought into all three of our locations, Waterbury, Seymour, and Torrington. Classified e-Liquids is a 40pg/60vg blend, available in 30 ml. bottles with the variety of nicotine levels between 0% and 12%. The flavors are excellent, you can taste each and every flavor that is described in the flavor profile. We brought in two fruity flavors and two dessert flavors knowing people crave different things at different times. The two fruity flavors are Crisp and Keen. Crisp is a mixture of a Tart Green Apple and a Watermelon. Keen is a Semi-Sweet Kiwi, a Tart Apple with hints of Sweet Blueberries. Both of these flavor combinations give you the sensation of a sweet, sour and fruity flavor all in one, these two being my personal favorite I had to mention them first. Next are the two dessert flavors, Delight and Indulge. Delight is an old-fashioned Peach and Berry Cobbler with a thin biscuit topping. Indulge is a savory blend of Vanilla Custard, Creamy Pudding with an oven Baked Pastry flavor. Both of these are super rich in flavor, not only perfect for an after dinner vape, but for an all day vape as well for you custard lovers.

Along with bringing in the New e-Liquid line, we also brought in some new products too. We are now carrying the IPV D2 75 watt Temperature Control, the Sigelei 150 watt Temperature Control, and the eLeaf 40 watt Temperature Control mod. We also started carrying the Temperature sensing coils for most of our subtanks to be compatible with these Temperature Control Devices.

Stop down to any three of our locations to try out these new flavors as well as the array of other flavors in stock, and check out these new devices. Don’t forget to ask us about the CT Vapor Trail Event in September, flyers for this event are in each and every store. You can also visit our Facebook for more information and updates on New and upcoming things.

Lots of SALES going on down here at Smooth Vaporz!

Come down and check out One of the Best Vape/e-Cigarette shops in Connecticut with three locations in Seymour, Waterbury and Torrington. We recently dropped prices on a ton of things including coil prices, liquid prices, and even some hardware prices.

Not only are we carrying some of the BEST Premium Liquids around, but we’re also doing a “Liquid Line of the Week” promotion in all three of our locations. So every week we will be choosing an entire Premium line and for that week, Monday through Sunday, you will be able to pick up any liquids and nicotine strength within that line for at a lower cost. Last week we had our Famous Cuttwood line on sale, people couldn’t get enough of it. This week the Liquid Line of the Week will be Boilermaker, if you haven’t already tried this amazing e-Liquid, now is your chance. They have some of the Best e-Liquid flavors I’ve every tried. Not only are we doing this promotion, we also lowered the Prices on Cyclops Vapor and the Classic Castle Long Reserve from Five Pawns, one of the most sought after flavors in the United States. You won’t find better deal out there for these amazing Premium e-Liquid Flavors. We are also introducing a line from The Ben Johnson’s Collection, Classified e-Liquids, to our shelves this week, so be sure to stop down and try some of the Best e-liquids on the market.

As far as hardware goes, we carry the Best of the Best for our customers, with new stuff coming in all the time, we’re lowering the prices on hardware almost weekly, there is something for everyone’s vaping needs. We lowered the prices on some of our variable voltage/variable wattage devices along with having a Mechanical Mod sale going on where you can choose a Mechanical Mod from our list and match it with a RDA of your choice on the list, for the cost of the Mechanical Mod, this is while supplies last, so make sure you catch this great savings while you can. We also have some of the Best box mods out on the market for very reasonable prices for those cloud chasers. We just introduced the Smok Cube XII to our shelves, 160 watt, Temp control device with Blutooth capabilities it also has awesome LED lights, these boxes are the topic of conversation right now, they’re flying out of the stores as I type.

Whether you’re looking for one of the Best RDA’s to blow clouds or looking for a Premium start up kit to get you going, Smooth Vaporz is the place to shop, all three of our locations will cater to everyone’s vaping needs, giving you the Best vaping/e-cigarette experience you will every have. With all three of our locations open seven days a week, our knowledgeable staff is always here to guide you along the way and answer any of your vaping/e-cigarette questions or concerns. Stop down to any of

our locations, Seymour, Waterbury or Torrington and catch a savings of a lifetime on your Vaping/e-Cigarette wants and needs.

Kanger Mini Subox Kits are Stocked at Smooth Vaporz!!

This amazing kit is the perfect device for any starting vaper or an experienced vaper. Its a nice size, not too large or too small, it fits perfectly in your hand. It comes with a 4.5ml. Pyrex tank with different air adjustments for everybody’s needs. Not only does this tank sub-ohm with its .5 ohm OCC coil to get those perfect clouds, but it also comes with a 1.5 ohm OCC coil for people who like the style and feel of regular tanks. Also included in the kit is a RBA coil head for those of you who like to tinker with building your own coils or for someone whose interested in beginning to learn how to build their own coils. The RBA coil head comes with a .5

ohm coil already installed onto the deck as well as a prebuilt one in the package, along with a small package of Japanese Organic Cotton for your wicking needs. While we’re on the topic of coils, Kanger has also redesigned the style of their OCC coils. Instead of the old fashion horizontal coils, they are now making BVC’s (Bottom Vertical Coils) for better wicking and even more flavor, which are the ones included in this kit.

Now onto the battery, this device does take an external 18650 battery, but the nice thing about it is, you can charge your battery internally with the pass through port on the Subox itself. This device is a 50 watt device, it has everything you need right on the screen at all times including; an ohm reader, a battery display, and your wattage. The buttons on this battery are also very nice. It really is a powerful device for as compact as it is. We have these kits available in either black or white and we’re also carrying just the Subtank Mini Tanks themselves in Black, Silver, and White. To add a little color to your subtank, we also offer colored replacement O-rings as well. Stop down to any of our three locations to check these great devices out.


New Flavor and Products to hit Smooth Vaporz Shelves!!!

I’m sure everyone’s heard the hype about the new Cuttwood Flavor, Bird Brains. We’re excited to introduce the new flavor to our collection of e-liquids.

Bird Brains is an amazing fruity cereal flavor. Unlike any other cereal flavor I’ve tried, its like vaping a bowl of Fruity Pebbles, but better. Its a 30pg/70vg blend, great flavor and awesome vapor production.

We will be carrying Bird Brains in 30ml. bottles in nicotine levels of 0, 3, 6, 12. We will be posting the arrival of this amazing juice on our Facebook page, so if you’re not following us on Facebook, now is the time so you can be one of the first to pick up a bottle when it hits our shelves.

We also just got the Aspire Triton tank in. This tank not only comes with a 1.8 ohm

coil, but it also comes with a .4 ohm coil. Perfect for those transitioning from pen-style set ups into sub-ohm tanks. The Triton is a top fill tank so you get the maximum juice capacity of 3.5 mls. The flavor you get from this tank is phenomenal. I was vaping Head Banging Boogie from our Charlie’s Chalkiest line, which is a Tropical Blueberry Popsicle, it tasted like I was eating an actual popsicle. Not to mention the plumes of clouds I was getting off of the .4 ohm coil Perfection with every vape off of this tank.



Charlies Chalkdust Has Arrived at Smooth Vaporz!!

These Flavors are definitely one of a kind, not only do their names set them apart from any juice I’ve ever had, but the flavors alone left me speechless. After reading the backstory of this juice company, I was very impressed with how they came about these five delicious flavor profiles. These e-juices are of very high quality and some what complex flavors that they have perfected.

Starting off I tried the two newer flavors they introduced, they were out of this world amazing.
The first one I tried was Head Banging Boogie, it brought me back to my childhood with just one vape, sitting outside on a hot summer day with the sun shining down all around me, eating a Tropical Blueberry popsicle to cool and refresh me after running around playing in the yard all day. These notes of a perfectly ripe Blueberry will be sure to refresh your taste buds with every single vape you take. The second one I tried was their Trueberry Sugar & Knife, I was astounded by this flavor, its the perfect mixture of breakfast and dessert in one, imagine a Pineapple upside down pancake drizzled with a blackberry maple drizzle, this combination left my mouth watering and wanting more. Not only were both of these flavors perfected down to a science, they’re also perfect for people who are using RDA’s and subtanks being that its a 70vg/30pg mixture. Great flavor and awesome vapor production.

The Classic Flavors from this line are exactly that, perfect from the moment I opened the bottle, to the very last drop. These three flavors are well blended and preform very well in all types of tanks being that its a 60vg/40pg blend. The first one I tried from these three was the Dream Cream, boy did they have that name right, this rich creamy vanilla had me daydreaming, with hints of fudge and cinnamon through out every vape, I felt as if I was laying on a cloud. Next on the list was the Peanut Butter & Jesus, I can’t lie, I was a little skeptical of this flavor before trying it out, being that I haven’t really found a peanut butter vape that I enjoyed, but this flavor knocked my socks off. You get a perfect peanut butter flavor on the inhale and an awesome grape jelly on the exhale. It felt like I was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. After trying it, I am no longer a skeptic, it turned out to be one of my favorites from this line. Last, but not least is the Award Winning flavor for Best In Show at the Vape Summit in Houston, TX. Slamberry, stands true to its name, it slams all the other berry flavors out of the park. We all know how many Strawberry flavors are out there in the Vape Community, this one is unlike any other i’ve tried. Its a Farm Fresh Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream. If you like strawberry e-liquids, you have to try this one out, every bottle tastes like a fresh scooped bowl of Strawberry ice cream from the local ice cream parlor. Perfection with every puff.

We have all five of these flavors in 30ml. bottles stocked and ready for your vaping needs at all 3 of our Smooth Vaporz locations.


New Premium e-Liquid Line to Hit The Smooth Vaporz Shelves!!

We’re patiently awaiting the arrival of Charlie’s Chalkdust!!

The anticipation is building as we wait to add these Five New and Delicious flavors to our shelves at all 3 of our Smooth Vaporz locations. Along with us introducing this line, they are also introducing two new Flavors to the line along with the three classic Flavors they already carry. In fact, one of these Classic Flavors was voted “Best In Show” at the Vape Summit in Houston, Texas.

There’s a good variety between these five flavors, they range from fruity, to creamy and savory. If the whole line doesn’t win you over, one of these flavors is sure to hit the spot. The two New flavors they introduced are a 70vg/30pg blend for those interested in the clouds and flavor, while the Classics are a 60vg/40pg, so they still have awesome flavor and are compatible with all tank styles. we will be carrying them in 30ml. bottles with nicotine levels of 0, 3, 6, 12. Once they hit our shelves we will be posting them all over our Facebook so be sure to keep your eyes out so you can come down and try these amazing flavors. #TeamSmooth