Charlies Chalkdust Has Arrived at Smooth Vaporz!!

These Flavors are definitely one of a kind, not only do their names set them apart from any juice I’ve ever had, but the flavors alone left me speechless. After reading the backstory of this juice company, I was very impressed with how they came about these five delicious flavor profiles. These e-juices are of very high quality and some what complex flavors that they have perfected.

Starting off I tried the two newer flavors they introduced, they were out of this world amazing.
The first one I tried was Head Banging Boogie, it brought me back to my childhood with just one vape, sitting outside on a hot summer day with the sun shining down all around me, eating a Tropical Blueberry popsicle to cool and refresh me after running around playing in the yard all day. These notes of a perfectly ripe Blueberry will be sure to refresh your taste buds with every single vape you take. The second one I tried was their Trueberry Sugar & Knife, I was astounded by this flavor, its the perfect mixture of breakfast and dessert in one, imagine a Pineapple upside down pancake drizzled with a blackberry maple drizzle, this combination left my mouth watering and wanting more. Not only were both of these flavors perfected down to a science, they’re also perfect for people who are using RDA’s and subtanks being that its a 70vg/30pg mixture. Great flavor and awesome vapor production.

The Classic Flavors from this line are exactly that, perfect from the moment I opened the bottle, to the very last drop. These three flavors are well blended and preform very well in all types of tanks being that its a 60vg/40pg blend. The first one I tried from these three was the Dream Cream, boy did they have that name right, this rich creamy vanilla had me daydreaming, with hints of fudge and cinnamon through out every vape, I felt as if I was laying on a cloud. Next on the list was the Peanut Butter & Jesus, I can’t lie, I was a little skeptical of this flavor before trying it out, being that I haven’t really found a peanut butter vape that I enjoyed, but this flavor knocked my socks off. You get a perfect peanut butter flavor on the inhale and an awesome grape jelly on the exhale. It felt like I was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. After trying it, I am no longer a skeptic, it turned out to be one of my favorites from this line. Last, but not least is the Award Winning flavor for Best In Show at the Vape Summit in Houston, TX. Slamberry, stands true to its name, it slams all the other berry flavors out of the park. We all know how many Strawberry flavors are out there in the Vape Community, this one is unlike any other i’ve tried. Its a Farm Fresh Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream. If you like strawberry e-liquids, you have to try this one out, every bottle tastes like a fresh scooped bowl of Strawberry ice cream from the local ice cream parlor. Perfection with every puff.

We have all five of these flavors in 30ml. bottles stocked and ready for your vaping needs at all 3 of our Smooth Vaporz locations.


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