Limitless Mods Stocked at Smooth Vaporz!!

We’re excited to introduce a New Line onto our shelves as well as a New very interesting Mechanical Mod. We just brought Red Lidz to our shelves, we are the only ones in Connecticut to carry this line. It a heavy VG being a 30/70 blend. We have 6 different flavors, ranging from fruity to dessert flavors, and an all time favorite of many custard lovers, a vanilla custard with graham cracker that everyone is going crazy over. This line is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg for nicotine strengths.

We also introduced the Brass Limitless Mod, this Mod is one of the nicest I’ve seen so far, you have the capabilities of changing the sleeves on it to suit your style, which we also carry. The button on this Mod is one of the nicest I’ve seen my entire time vaping. It also sits nice and flush so you don’t have to worry about any lock rings or firing when placing it down. It is a Hybrid mod, so those of you who aren’t sure what a hybrid is, it means there is direct contact from your RDA to your battery making a beautiful connection and a powerful puff. It also means you want to make sure that you don’t use any tanks on it and if you’re using an RDA you want to make sure your positive and negative on the bottom DO NOT sit flush. If they do, it can potentially short out your device. You always want to use proper battery safety with all devices, but this one especially. For the sleeves we have quite a selection for everyone, from colored bandana sleeves, to carbon fiber sleeves.

If you haven’t already stopped by one of our shops, now is the time. We always have awesome sales and great products sure to suit anyone’s needs and wants, as well as a fully knowledgeable staff that will help you along the way. Stop down to any of our three locations in Connecticut, we’re located in Seymour, Waterbury, and Torrington.


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