Help Protect Your Right To Vape

Hello fellow Vapers- here is an important update on the developments in Washington in regards to Vaping:

The Cole-Bishop bill to change the predicate date and keep our products on the market is gaining some steam, but the key will be whether it is included in the spending bills that must pass by April 28th. We have 18 cosponsors, but please keep the heat on YOUR members to get on board! (see below)

Here is a handy link that takes to directly to our coalition effort advocacy site for activating on this important federal issue… is a one-stop shop for you that has click-and-go easy options to help facilitate your outreach by email, phone call, and Twitter.

Your own specific Congressmen will be contacted by you automatically after putting in your address so the site can locate the proper recipients of your message. Easy and effective!

Please help us protect ALL OF OUR RIGHTS’ TO VAPE.

Thank you.

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