Happy Holidays from Smooth Vaporz!!

The team here at Smooth Vaporz hopes you all enjoyed your holiday. We would also like to let you know the holiday prices we put on our products and liquids will remain in place as our gift to you into the New Year. Here at Smooth Vaporz we pride ourselves for having some of the lowest prices on our vaping supplies. Our prices will never increase, they will only ever decrease for your convenience.

We also have an AMAZING promotion going on for New Year’s Day. If you’re trying to get someone you know into vaping, now is the time to do so with this special promotion. Bring you’re friend or family member into any of our four locations including Mist Essentials, and they will receive a free 15ml. bottle of Smooth Vaporz/Mist Essentials e-liquid to go with their starter kit. 10% of whatever they spend is then rewarded to you for YOU to spend on whatever you would like in the store on that day!

All four locations will be open on New Years Eve regular hours. On New Years Day we will also be open 10am to 5pm. Start your New Year with your loved ones on the right foot.

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